Personal Development

Dr. Margaret Lipmann

Actress, lecturer, acting coach, trainer, coach, casting director. She is a graduate of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, where she received her Doctor of Theater Arts degree and the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. She is also a graduate of the Trop Group Academy’s GATE program, with which she currently also cooperates as a trainer and coach, as well as a support trainer in the GATE and School of Coaches programs.
Over 10 years of experience as a lecturer, trainer and coach conducting processes and trainings using acting methods in combination with the TROP method.

Workshops, Training, 1:1 Coaching

Work on awareness of body, breath, voice and emotions

Working with stress

Presentations and public speaking live and online, working with camera

Interpersonal communication, building relationships, working on strengths, empathy-based cooperation


Participants in workshops and trainings learn the elements of acting methods, which give tools that are useful in everyone’s daily and professional life. Hollywood stars use them, but isn’t our life sometimes a stage?We perform in front of all kinds of audiences: family, employer, client, employees, students, camera, and finally ourselves.
In any situation, awareness and harmony with one’s body, breath, voice, emotions, senses and imagination should support us. Exercises, through which, among other things, participants are guided, using relaxation, sensory memory and emotional memory, help through the senses to reach the subconscious, imagination and sources of our emotions, as well as to control stress and use them consciously.
By observing and analyzing the processes responsible for our behavior, they help to increase self-awareness and open up, and prepare for change.

Coaching, Workshops, Coaching Sessions and Training help to develop and improve:

  • Awareness of oneself: one’s body, voice, breathing, one’s emotions, one’s strengths but also one’s limitations, the power of one’s imagination and subconscious and the influence our senses have on them.
  • Awareness of their needs, their strengths.
  • Awareness and confidence in dealing with people and situations of confrontation with a group or various types of audience or camera.
  • Controlling stress and emotions.
  • control of the body, breath and voice
  • Practical skills useful for presentations, public speaking and meetings both live and online.

For whom?

Workshops, Training, 1:1 Coaching

Workshops and training in this area are for you if you want to get …

Assistance in preparing to confront the public during presentations and other speeches live as well as online or in front of the camera (e.g.: lecturers, PhD students, business people, presenters, cultural people, politicians)

Help improve relationship building and effectiveness in direct contact with people (e.g.: salespeople, individual trainers and coaches, doctors, youth)

Training provides assistance in improving and acquiring new skills,  but they also help to prepare for change and personal development, to learn about themselves, their capabilities and thus their limitations in finding themselves in a social role.

Workshop designed for those who work with human resource potential on a daily basis, Who teach and manage the company’s staff and organization

– can, through participation in workshops and training, gain new tools useful for working with people and for working in a team.

– They will gain tools to increase the effectiveness of their own work and that of their subordinates (e.g.:managers, leaders, employers, trainers, coaches, teachers).