Acting CV

Małgorzata Lipmann

growth: 175 CM

hair:    BLOND

eyes:    ZIELONE


  • English (fluent)
  • Russian (basic)
  • Spanish (basic)


driving licence

modern dance



horse riding


2016 – obtained the degree of Doctor of Arts in the field of theatre arts at the Acting Department of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw

Since 2011 – annual Method Acting Workshop by Robert Castle with International Theatre New York

2006-2007 – Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York

2000 – Theatre Academy in Warsaw

1996 – Lart Studio in Cracow


2001 – 2014 Actress at the Arnold Szyfman Polish Theatre in Warsaw

  • 2019 ‘Żywot Józefa’ by M. Rej, roles: Rachel, Zephyra, directed by Jarosław Gajewski, Collegium Nobilium Theater
  • 2014 ‘Di, Viv and Rose’ by A. Bullmore, roles: Viv, directed by Maciej Kowalewski, Capitol Theater in Warsaw
  • 2014 ‘Bolesław Śmiały’ by S.Wyspiański, role: the Queen’s wife, directed by Bartosz Zaczykiewicz, Teatr Polski in Warsaw.
  • 2013 “Polish Flowers” Salon of Poetry, Polish Theater in Warsaw
  • 2012 “Time of Women” by Chalezin/Kolada, role: Irina Chalip, Polish Theater in Warsaw
  • 2012 “Letters of Arendt and Heideger.” , role: Hannah Arendt, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2012 “Skamandrites” Salon of Poetry with Andrzej Łapicki, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2010 “Chopin in Polski” Letters from Chopin and Sand dir. Michal Sieczkowski, with Andrzej Seweryn and Włodzimierz Nahorny – piano, role: George Sand, Teatr Polski in Warsaw
  • 2009 “Uncle Vanya” A. Chekhov, dir. Veniamin Filsztyński, role: Helena Andreyevna, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2008 “Night” by A. Stasiuk, dir. A. Bartnikowski, role: Arleta, Polish Theater in Warsaw
  • 2008 “Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” by A. Burzynska, dir. P. Lazarkiewicz, role: Monika,Bajka Theater in Warsaw
  • 2007 “TV R.” I. Gorzkowski, director. I. Gorzkowski, Role: Carmina, CCA, Warsaw
  • 2006 “As You Like It?” W. Shakespeare, director. J. Kilian, role: Febe, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2005 “Eurocity” A. Fredro, dir. A. Łapicki, role: Amalia Dorska, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2005 “The Odyssey” Homer, dir. J. Kilian, role: Pallas Athena, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2003 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by W. Shakespeare, dir. J. Kilian, role: Helena, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2003 “Visit…” after “Interior” by M. Maeterlinck and “Visit at Dusk” by T.Rittner, directed by A. Łapicki, role: Marya, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2003 “Tempest” by W. Shakespeare, director: J. Kilian, role: Ariel, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2002 “The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor” after B. Leśmian, dir. J. Kilian, role: Princess Piruza, Polish Theatre in Warsaw
  • 2002 “Pure Love” after “Pure Love at the Sea Bath” by C. K. Norwid, dir. T. Bradecki, role: Marta, Polish Theater in Warsaw
  • 2001 “The Wedding” by S. Wyspiański, dir. J. Wisniewski, role: Haneczka, Nowy Theater in Poznan
  • 2000 “The Seagull” by A. Chekhov, dir. A. Glinska, role: Masha, Theatre Academy in Warsaw
  • 2000 “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” by W. Shakespeare, dir. P. Cieplak, role: guide, Theatre Academy in Warsaw
  • 2000 “Dziady” by A. Mickiewicz, dir. M. Prus, role: girl, Theatre Academy in Warsaw
  • 1999 “Pamiętnik z okresu dojrzewania” wg W. Gombrowicza, dir. W. Kaczkowski, role: Alicja, Teatr na Woli in Warsaw
  • 1995 “Rabbit, Rabbit” by C. Serreau, dir. A. Rozhin, role: Herve, Teatr Ochoty in WarsaW



• 2017 „Narzeczony na niby”, dir. B. Prokopowicz, role: policewoman (episode)
• 2015 „Chemia” Dir. B.Prokopowicz, role: waitress (episode)
• 2008 „Dekalog VI”, Dir. Samuel Schwarz, etude, role: Grazyna (main)
• 2003 „Czarno to widzę”, Dir. W. Stuoka-Gucewicz, role: Lucretia (main)
• 1998 „Wyspa R.O.”, Dir. J. Lenica, role: Girl (main)
• 1991 „Odjazd”, Dir. M. and P. Lazarkiewicz, roles: Hilda (supporting)


• 2021 „Portrety Wojenne. Kobiety”, dir. J. Baczyk, role: Halina Szymańska (lead role)
• 2020 „Na dobre i na złe”, Dir. K. Łęcka, role: Anka (2 episodes)
• 2020 „Przyjaciółki”, Dir. G. Kuczeriszka, role: woman at a support group meeting (episode)
• 2019 „Ślad”, Dir. M.Ziębiński, role: Daria Kazimierska (episode role)
• 2017 „Drunk History Poland”, Dir. J.Macierewicz, roles: Irenka, Zofia Gomułkowa (2 episodes)
• 2014 „Portrety Wojenne”, Dir. T.Matuszczak, role: mother (episode)
• 2014 „M jak Miłość”, Dir. R.Rowiński, role: Staff (2 episodes)
• 2013 „Na wspólnej”, Dir. U.Urbaniak, role: Lidia Czerska (8 episodes).• 2012 „Prawo Agaty”, Dir. M. Migas, role: Critic (episode)
• 2012 „Na dobre i na złe”, Dir. G.Lewandowski, role: Justyna (2 episodes)
• 2011 „Instynkt”, Dir. P. Vega, role: doctor (episode)
• 2008-2009„Barwy szczęścia”, Dir. N. Koryncka-Gruz, role: Mary (10 episodes)
• 2007-2008„Plebania”, Dir. M. Migas/J. Lukaszewicz, role: Meggi (3 episodes).
• 2007-2008„Faceci do wzięcia”, Dir. A. Drabinski, role: Monika, Wiktor’s secretary (8 episodes)
• 2005-2006 „Tango z aniołem”, Dir. T. Konecki, role: Aldona (6 episodes)
• 2005 „Sąsiedzi”, Dir. F. Erol, role: Anna Makarska (3 episodes)
• 2005 „Bulionerzy”, Dir. G. Warchol, role: Zadrzynska (episode)
• 2005 „Kryminalni”, Directed by P. Wereśniak, roles: Agnieszka (episode).
• 2003 „Pensjonat pod Różą”, Dir. M. Wojtyszko, role: Magda (6 episodes)
• 2002 „Samo życie”, Dir. W. Nowak/W. Pacyna/M. Pieprzyca, role: Majka Rojska – journalist (6 seasons).
• 2001 „Wiedźmin”, Dir. M. Brodzki, role: Lille-the lady of the fields (1 episode)
• 2000 „Marzenia do spełnienia”, Dir. M. Łazarkiewicz/A. Drabiński, role: Beata (entire series).
• 1990 „W piątą stronę świata”, Dir. J. Dziedzina, role: Sabina (episode)
• 1989 “Janka” , Dir. J. Leski, role: Kasia (entire series)


• 2000 Łódź-XVIII Festival of Theater Schools – honorable mention for the roles of the Girl in the play “Dziady” and the Guide in the play “Two Gentlemen of Verona.”

About me:

– Since 2017, she has been a lecturer at the Warsaw Film School at the Acting Department and at the Warsaw Acting Studio.
– Since 2011, she has been a lecturer at the Academy of Theater Arts in Warsaw, where she previously assisted Prof. Maja Komorowska in her work with students of the Acting Department and in directing her diploma performance “Sketches from Dostoevsky” and Prof. Jaroslaw Gajewski, who was also the supervisor of her Doctoral Thesis, thanks to which she received her Doctor of Arts degree in Theater Arts at the Department.
– Since 2011, she has been the organizer of the only annual Method Acting Workshop led by internationally acclaimed New York actor and director Robert Castle, an Actors Studio graduate and direct disciple of Lee Strasberg.
– Since 2010 he has been conducting workshops introducing Method Acting with elements of acting improvisation, among others at the Theater Academy, at the Acting Studio at Baza Theater, at the Slot Art Festival, at the Top Career Toastmasters club, at the Aleksander Sewruk Post-Secondary Acting Studio at Stefan Jaracz Theater in Olsztyn, in cooperation with Drama Point and W’arte, at the H. Andersen Theater in Lublin, at the Lublin Theater or the Senior Center in Wroclaw
– Since 2018, she has been working with the TROP Group as a trainer and coach. She conducts workshops using acting methods in such areas as working on body, breath, voice and emotional awareness; presentation and public speaking; self-presentation. She has also worked with Dworczyk Training, PWC, Progresteron Festival, mBank, C&F, Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw, Joanna Brodzik’s “Guardian of the Heart” Foundation, among others. She is a graduate of the Trop Group Academy’s GATE program. She also participated in the training “Creative activities as a tool for the work of a trainer” – in the project “Coach for the Development of Future Organizations – innovations in training “organized by the School of Trainers of the TROP Center Sp. z o.o.
– Since 2017, she has been a board member of the Joanna Brodzik Foundation “Guardian of the Heart” working with people with disabilities and building public awareness about them. As a casting director, she has worked with producers such as Kadr Film Studio, East Studio, Shipsboy, TVN.
– From 2006 – 2008 she was a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation “Power of Art” in Warsaw , where she was active in organizing and participating in Open Read Rehearsals and other independent theater projects as part of the Theater Mondays of the Philosophical Hedgehog.